Grand Garden Estates MHP
2910 W Grand Ave, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495
9.51 %
Cap Rate
Occupied Lots
Number of Lots
Park Information
  • - 22 Lots - 20 Tenant-Owned Homes - 1 Rent-to-Own Home - 1 Park-Owned-Home -1 Single Family Home
  • The Rent-to-Own home (lot 20) payment has a maturity date of May 2025. They are currently paying an additional $325/month for their RTO payment. The Park-Owned home (lot 16) pays an additional $250 in rent. Lots 1 and 4 are financed through the Performance Equity Partners.
Single Family Home
  • The single family home is located in the center of the park. The home is a 2-bedroom/2-bathroom home with a den. It is currently being rented out for $750/month with the tenant paying for all utilities.
  • The manager previously lived in the single family home and was given free rent and utilities, but as of 1/1/24, those expenses are paid for by the new tenant occupying the home. This is the primary reason for the large increase in total rental income between 2023 and 2024.
Park Manager
  • The resident in lot #1 is also the park manager. They are compensated via free rent and garbage fee.
Lot Sizes
  • The lot sizes are made to accommodate older model homes. Many of the homes are 12-14' wide and 60-70' long. Newer model homes may not fit in the designated lots.
Rental Comparisons
  • Grand Garden Estates has an average monthly lot rent of $330/month. Below are local rent comparisons obtained in February 2024: - The Maples (Wisconsin Rapids) - $479/month - Hickory Shade (Wisconsin Rapids) $410/month (includes water & septic) - Cedar Junction (Nekoosa) $410/month (includes water & septic)
Location and City Summary
  • Wisconsin Rapids is located on the Wisconsin River in central Wisconsin. Wisconsin Rapids is the county seat of Wood County. Within 50 miles of Wisconsin Rapids are the cities of: Stevens Point (18 miles), Marshfield (26 miles), and Wausau (48 miles).
Wisconsin Rapids Population Overview
  • The most recent survey (2021) estimates Wisconsin Rapids' population at 18,711. This is a 5.7% increase from the previous year. The average household income in Wisconsin Rapids is $46,644/year. Of those living in Wisconsin Rapids, only about 53% own their homes. The remaining 47% rent their homes.
Wisconsin Rapids Employment Overview
  • The top three industries in Wisconsin Rapids are: Healthcare and Social Assistance (18%), Manufacturing (17%), and Retail Sales (15.5%).
  • Although over half (53%) of Wisconsin Rapids residents have a less than 20 minute commute to work, a little over 25% of residents have a commute that ranges between 30-60 minutes. This is likely attributed to Wisconsin Rapids' close proximity to Stevens Point, Marshfield, and Wausau.
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